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[Sis Loves Me] Creepy Step Brother - Jenna Foxx

Jennas bro is the nosiest little . He saw her tip toeing around the house so he decided to follow her. It turns out she was going in their stepmoms room to steal her dildo! What a horny lil sis. Jenna still wasnt sure how to use it though, so she asked bro for some help. He stuck it in there nice and good, Jenna loved how it felt but was too embarrassed to watch. When her eyes were covered, her bro pulled the old switcheroo and stuck his cock inside. Jenna snuck a peek, saw what was going down, and immediately freaked out! That was not cool. The next day, bro creeps yet again and intercepts Jennas horrible failing progress report. If she wants him to keep it a secret shes gonna have to suck him up. She does it for the sake of staying in good standing with the parents, but hated having to swallow that jizz. She is not a fan of the texture. Finally, bro hears some moaning from the shower. Turns out Jenna was playing with her pussy, all while thinking about her bros girthy dick. She wants it inside her again, so bro gives it to her right there on their mommas bathroom counter and although still slightly creeped out, Jenna has never felt more content.
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