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[Reality Kings] Jayla De - Angelis Public Fuck With The Voyeur

Jayla De Angelis is primping in the club bathroom with her friend when she senses she's being watched. She approaches the stall and discovers Raul Costa jerking off! Turned on, Jayla quickly gets rid of her friend and kicks in the bathroom stall door, revealing Raul with his cock out. Before he can say a word, she shushes him and locks herself in the stall for a taste of his cock. When Jayla's friend returns to check on her, her friend is shocked to find Jayla riding Raul's hard cock. Disgusted, Jayla's friend leaves to notify security. Jayla and Raul exit the stall and barricade the bathroom door with a chair to maintain their privacy as they continue fucking. When Jayla's friend returns with the bouncer they're shocked to find Jayla covered in cum!
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